Sarah & Quinn . Bridal Portrait Session

21 Dec

It’s not everyday that I get to shoot wedding portraits sans-wedding.  Sarah and Quinn got married on the beach (wish I was there!) and wanted a few portraits to fill in some gaps in their album.  Just wanna share a few of this really, really, ridiculously good-looking couple.

Sarah&Quinn-06 Sarah&Quinn-12 Sarah&Quinn-15 Sarah&Quinn-17 Sarah&Quinn-20 Sarah&Quinn-56 Sarah&Quinn-59 Sarah&Quinn-78

Amanda & Matt . One Year Anniversary Session

19 Dec

Amanda and Matt celebrated their first anniversary on the 11th of November with a portrait session… a very easy way to ensure that they’ll never forget it!  They were such a pleasure to hang out with and photograph.  We wandered around downtown for a bit before heading out to Gates Pass hoping for an amazing sunset.  The best lookouts were packed full, maybe due to the perfect weather, so we missed out a bit on the sunset.  However, being an “available light photographer” (the lighting kit in my camera bag was available) has its perks.  We ended up hiking a bit and finding an awesome little spot to get creative with some off camera lighting.

Amanda & Matt-24 Amanda & Matt-25 Amanda & Matt-17 Amanda & Matt-20

Re-creating one of their favorite wedding photos. :)Amanda & Matt-32 Amanda & Matt-37 Amanda & Matt-42 Amanda & Matt-46 Amanda & Matt-49 Amanda & Matt-51 Amanda & Matt-52 Amanda & Matt-53 Amanda & Matt-56

Thanks to Shannon K. Photography for the opportunity to photograph this couple!

University of Arizona Family Session . Erika, Ari & Kids

19 Dec

Just a short post today with a few favorites from an awesome recent family session.  These kids were full of energy and were best photographed “on the run”… literally.  I’m sure I looked like a dork chasing them around with the camera, but honestly, that’s my favorite way to photograph kids.  I managed to get a few semi-stationary portraits of the kiddos… Schwartz Family-11 Schwartz Family-12Schwartz Family-05

Schwartz Family-48

Schwartz Family-51Schwartz Family-18…however, this was more their style.

Schwartz Family-32

Schwartz Family-70Schwartz Family-55 Schwartz Family-56 Schwartz Family-57

Apparently, Erika thought it was hilarious when I asked her to look into Ari’s eyes.  I love it when that happens.Schwartz Family-20 Schwartz Family-23 Schwartz Family-25 Schwartz Family-34 Schwartz Family-74

I also love it when kids won’t sit still for a family photo. Seriously.Schwartz Family-76

Ryan & Heather . Proposal + Engagement

6 Dec

First of all, a huge thanks to Shannon K Photography, an awesome Gilbert/Phoenix area portrait photographer, for referring this awesome couple to me!  Shannon was their first choice, but was booked.

Back in April I had the opportunity to be a spy photographer.  Unfortunately I felt more like a creeper than a spy.  Ryan contacted me (after Shannon’s referral) interested in secret photos of him proposing to his girlfriend.  “Of course!”, I thought, and envisioned breaking my cover, introducing myself to Heather after he proposed, and proceeding to do some fun celebratory portraits of the newly engaged couple.   That is until he told me that it had to be a COMPLETE secret, even AFTER the proposal, because he planned to surprise her with framed prints later on.  So my job was to creatively capture this proposal in such a discreet way that Heather wouldn’t even notice she was being photographed…  Wow.  No pressure.  We picked Agua Caliente Park, known for its abundance of birders and hobbyist nature/wildlife photographers.  I brought my wife and son along to seem like just another dad shooting pictures of his family… with a huge white telephoto lens.  Subtle.  Due to our perfect planning and my ninja-like stealth (a.k.a. creeper skills), we were able to pull it off.  Here are a few of the shots I got:



Several months later, I was thrilled to hear from Ryan again, this time interested in an engagement session at the same park (the proposal was their first visit there).  It was great to finally meet Heather and explain that I’m not really a creeper.  Turns out she saw me and even mentioned it to Ryan, who just played it off like I really was a creeper.  Thanks Ryan.  :)  I had such a blast photographing these guys.  Thank you Ryan and Heather!  I hope you have beautiful wedding day.  Heather & Ryan-004 Heather & Ryan-017 Heather & Ryan-013 Heather & Ryan-027 Heather & Ryan-028 Heather & Ryan-035 Heather & Ryan-038 Heather & Ryan-052 Heather & Ryan-067 Heather & Ryan-071 Heather & Ryan-085 Heather & Ryan-087 Heather & Ryan-088 Heather & Ryan-093 Heather & Ryan-097 Heather & Ryan-041 Heather & Ryan-042 Heather & Ryan-044 Heather & Ryan-047 Heather & Ryan-049 Heather & Ryan-061 Heather & Ryan-058 Heather & Ryan-105 Heather & Ryan-102

Lacey & Casey . Saguaro Buttes . October 6

1 Nov

I’m sure they’ll be hearing it for the rest of their lives, so I’ll refrain from mentioning anything about their adorably rhyming names… and simply say that Lacey and Casey were one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever had the honor of photographing.  They were open to all of my creative ideas and seemed completely relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.  It’s obvious that they’re a perfect fit for each other.  I had a blast photographing this beautiful wedding day.  Thanks to Joel Chen for 2nd shooting!

Joel’s Photo:

6 photographers in this shot. :)

Gangnam Style.

Corissa and Jorge . Engaged

23 Oct

I’m way behind in updating this blog as usual, but I’m excited to finally get to share Jorge and Corissa’s engagement session from August.  They may look sweet and innocent, but these guys are rebels.  Graffiti in broad daylight… trespassing… they’ll do anything to get the shot.

Ok, maybe not anything.  Maybe the “graffiti” was just a little bit of sidewalk chalk.  And if crawling under a barbed wire fence on the side of the highway to capture an amazing sunset is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.  I’m so excited to photograph this awesome couple again on their wedding day next month.

Trista and Jeffrey . Family Farm, Cochise, Arizona . June 2

20 Sep

Trista and Jeff were married at the house Trista grew up in.  She hung her dress from the ceiling fan in her room.  We took photos in front of her dad’s tractor, out in the fields surrounding the property, and drove down a road lined with trees that her grandparents planted, on our way to take more portraits in her neighbor’s orchard.  Weddings like these are so unique and unforgettable, and it is such a privilege and honor to be able to document them.  I was also lucky enough to be asked to shoot their engagement session, where I learned that Trista and Jeff were willing to do almost anything for “the shot”. :)  This raised my expectations for their wedding, which were quickly exceeded.

As I selected and edited images from this wedding, I laughed out loud more times than I can count.  Trista and Jeff are funny individuals, but together and with their friends they are seriously hilarious.

As usual, I can’t keep my camera off the cute kids.

Liked the juxtaposition of faces in this shot… penguins included.

These next two images in sequence make me laugh every time.  The look on Jeff’s face was Price. Less.


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