Rachael and Josh . The Gallery . December 20

2 Jan

Rachael & Josh-06 Rachael & Josh-05 Rachael & Josh-04 Rachael & Josh-02 Rachael & Josh-01 Rachael & Josh-07 Rachael & Josh-21 Rachael & Josh-08 Rachael & Josh-09 Rachael & Josh-10 Rachael & Josh-11 Rachael & Josh-12 Rachael & Josh-13 Rachael & Josh-14 Rachael & Josh-15 Rachael & Josh-16 Rachael & Josh-17 Rachael & Josh-18  Rachael & Josh-20 Rachael & Josh-22 Rachael & Josh-25 Rachael & Josh-24 Rachael & Josh-26 Rachael & Josh-27 Rachael & Josh-28 Rachael & Josh-29 Rachael & Josh-30 Rachael & Josh-31 Rachael & Josh-32 Rachael & Josh-36 Rachael & Josh-34 Rachael & Josh-35 Rachael & Josh-37 Rachael & Josh-38 Rachael & Josh-40 Rachael & Josh-41 Rachael & Josh-42

Holly & Robert Engaged

8 Jul

Gotta love Mt. Lemmon in the summer. Here are a few from Holly and Robert’s engagement session, shot mostly high in the pines.

Holly & Robert-54Holly & Robert-47Holly & Robert-43  Holly & Robert-41 Holly & Robert-24Holly & Robert-17 Holly & Robert-19  Holly & Robert-15 Holly & Robert-56Holly & Robert-61

Jessica & Mike . Engaged

20 May

Mike, Jessica, and I explored Tohono Chul Park, then did a little hiking in Catalina State Park, where Mike proposed to Jessica a few months ago. They were such an easy couple to photograph, required almost no direction, falling into each others’ arms naturally. Can’t wait for their wedding!


7Q4A9253 7Q4A9265 7Q4A9361 7Q4A9671 7Q4A9725 7Q4A9739

I’m still here!

14 May

My last post was in December, 2012. That is crazy. I promise, it’s not because I’ve been slacking. A few fun things happened in 2013, including this little guy:7Q4A1934Being a stay-at-home-dad-wedding-photographer (two official job titles in one) over the past 3 1/2 years has been a challenge, but getting spend so much time with my boys, watching them grow, has been amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. On the other hand, obviously, my time is very limited. Most of the time I’m able to work is spent simply getting the job done – shoot, edit, design, print, deliver, repeat. Hence the reason this blog has been neglected for 17 months. The shift in priorities has been from growing to maintaining.

With that said, I really miss sharing my work! So although it will require quite a bit of back-tracking, I’d like to share what (and who) I’ve been capturing since my last post. I’d love to dedicate a single blog post to each wedding, but I simply can’t (the 9 month-old next to me agrees), so posts will most likely be random favorites.  Here’s just a glimpse of the awesome people I’ve had the honor of photographing over the last year+.

More to come. Candice & Collin-076 Danielle & Dennis-019 Danielle & Dennis-191 Emily & Joe Engaged-080 Emily & Joe Engaged-106 Emily & Joe Engaged-142 Emily & Joe Engaged-155 Emily & Joe Engaged-164 Erin & Dallas-536 Erin & Dallas-586 Erin & Dallas-631 Erin & Stu-085 Erin & Stu-096 Erin & Stuart-303 Erin & Stuart-326 Jenna & Jeff-298 Jenna & Jeff-300 Kaity & Gilbert-446 Kaity & Gilbert-468 Kim & Anthony-26 Kim & Anthony-74 Kim & Anthony-228 Krista & Kevin-180 Krista & Kevin-238 Krista & Kevin-267 Krista & Kevin-600 Kristen & Tony-252 Kristen & Tony-317 Lauren & Bobby-522 Leanna & Mark-151 Leanna & Mark-352 Leanna & Mark-582 Leanna & Mark-601 Melissa & Caleb-022 Melissa & Caleb-087 Melissa & Caleb-097 Melissa & Caleb-127 Melissa & Caleb-236 Melissa & Caleb-439 Melissa & Matthew-076 Melissa & Matthew-111 Michelle & Justin-008 Michelle & Justin-283 Paula & Jon-215 Paula & Jon-303 Paula & Jon-315 Paula & Jon-749 Polina & Jarrod-348 Sierra & Rodney-039 Sierra & Rodney-299 Sierra & Rodney-535 Sierra & Rodney-650 Stephanie & Austin Engaged-07 Stephanie & Austin Engaged-66 Stephanie & Austin Engaged-72 Stephanie & Austin-299-2 Sydney & Mike-022 Sydney & Mike-056 Sydney & Mike-140



Sarah & Quinn . Bridal Portrait Session

21 Dec

It’s not everyday that I get to shoot wedding portraits sans-wedding.  Sarah and Quinn got married on the beach (wish I was there!) and wanted a few portraits to fill in some gaps in their album.  Just wanna share a few of this really, really, ridiculously good-looking couple.

Sarah&Quinn-06 Sarah&Quinn-12 Sarah&Quinn-15 Sarah&Quinn-17 Sarah&Quinn-20 Sarah&Quinn-56 Sarah&Quinn-59 Sarah&Quinn-78

Amanda & Matt . One Year Anniversary Session

19 Dec

Amanda and Matt celebrated their first anniversary on the 11th of November with a portrait session… a very easy way to ensure that they’ll never forget it!  They were such a pleasure to hang out with and photograph.  We wandered around downtown for a bit before heading out to Gates Pass hoping for an amazing sunset.  The best lookouts were packed full, maybe due to the perfect weather, so we missed out a bit on the sunset.  However, being an “available light photographer” (the lighting kit in my camera bag was available) has its perks.  We ended up hiking a bit and finding an awesome little spot to get creative with some off camera lighting.

Amanda & Matt-24 Amanda & Matt-25 Amanda & Matt-17 Amanda & Matt-20

Re-creating one of their favorite wedding photos. :)Amanda & Matt-32 Amanda & Matt-37 Amanda & Matt-42 Amanda & Matt-46 Amanda & Matt-49 Amanda & Matt-51 Amanda & Matt-52 Amanda & Matt-53 Amanda & Matt-56

Thanks to Shannon K. Photography for the opportunity to photograph this couple!

University of Arizona Family Session . Erika, Ari & Kids

19 Dec

Just a short post today with a few favorites from an awesome recent family session.  These kids were full of energy and were best photographed “on the run”… literally.  I’m sure I looked like a dork chasing them around with the camera, but honestly, that’s my favorite way to photograph kids.  I managed to get a few semi-stationary portraits of the kiddos… Schwartz Family-11 Schwartz Family-12Schwartz Family-05

Schwartz Family-48

Schwartz Family-51Schwartz Family-18…however, this was more their style.

Schwartz Family-32

Schwartz Family-70Schwartz Family-55 Schwartz Family-56 Schwartz Family-57

Apparently, Erika thought it was hilarious when I asked her to look into Ari’s eyes.  I love it when that happens.Schwartz Family-20 Schwartz Family-23 Schwartz Family-25 Schwartz Family-34 Schwartz Family-74

I also love it when kids won’t sit still for a family photo. Seriously.Schwartz Family-76